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Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) is building an expert database on the different disciplines and research areas, which is linked to integrated rural development (IRD). The listing in the database is by invitation from the CIRDAP Secretariat or nomination by partner institutions. 


The purpose is to collect information that can be used to prepare a public profile of the experts. The profiles will be included in the Experts Database on the CIRDAP website.

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Our Experts cover a wide range of fields and specializations

Featured Experts

A S M Rashedul Haque

Field of Interest : Climate smart aquaculture farming, Fish Breeding and Hatchery Management, Aquaculture Management, Marine culture Management, Fish Sanctuary Management, Open Water Management, Beel Nursery Management, Hilsa Fisheries Management, Haor & Baor Management, Contact and Cluster Farming, AIGA Management, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Fish Processing and post-harvest loss etc.

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Dr. Cherdsak Virapat

Field of Interest : Planning and adaptive management of community-based projects; stock assessment of fish stocking programmes; early warning, disaster risk reduction for tsunami, earthquake, floods and impacts of climate change.

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Dr. Grinson George Padinjakara

Field of Interest : Island ecosystems, fisheries, aquaculture, reef ecology, mangroves, and other coastal resources. He worked on developing satellite remote sensing and numerical model-based solutions for various challenges in the coastal areas.

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Rose Makaramani

Field of Interest : Disaster Risk Management Collaborative Governance Public Policy Analysis Strategic Design Management Network Management

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Recently Added Experts

Dr. Shahid Ahmed

Field of Interest : Project Planning, appraisal, formulation of Agriculture policy programmes, strategic partnerships and advocacy, Coordination and collaboration, Strategic planning and management.

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Dr. Aongart Aun-a-nan

Field of Interest : Information Technology and research, fake news detection using machine learning, data classification models, thai cancer-related content reliability, road network analysis, environmental initiatives, employee engagement, web crawlers, 3D animation, and decision support systems.

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Planner Md. Mahadhe Hasan

Field of Interest : Rural physical planning included rural housing, rural road network planning, rural market. Also have expertise in the township, environment, strategic policy and socio economic research. I have sixteen years’ research experience in housing, local governance, health awareness, socioeconomic research.

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Dr. Rajesh Jayaraman

Field of Interest : Climate change evaluation and Eco restoration and developmental measures, Applications of Remote Sensing in Ocean and Coastal Zone Management o Disaster Management and Mitigation, Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in Natural Resources Management, Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Stock and Soil Organic Carbon calculations. Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in Agriculture, Development of Landscape Management Plan and Monitoring, Remote Sensing and GIS for Watershed Planning and Management, Socio-economic Impact Assessments of Rural Development Programs, Spatial planning for Urban and Rural areas

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