Abu Sayed Md. Rashedul Haque

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Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh


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My M.Sc. research was “Impact of Fish Sanctuaries on Rural Community People” and “Aquaculture & Aquatic Resource Management”.

I have expertise in climate smart aquaculture farming, Fish Breeding and Hatchery Management, Aquaculture Management, Mari culture Management, Fish Sanctuary Management, Open Water Management, Beel Nursery Management, Hilsa Fisheries Management, Haor & Baor Management, Contact and Cluster Farming, AIGA Management, Integrated Coastal Zone Management,Fish Processing and post-harvest loss,
Value Added Product & Supply chain, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project Activities, Fisheries Resource Development, Fisheries Conservation, Marine Resource Conservation, Development Project Preparation and Implementation.

I have 35 years field level experience in economic growth of poor rural people, their nutrition and malnutrition, development and economic outcome of rural community people, food security and safe food for rural community people, value chain development and agricultural markets and cooperative system development in Asia- pacific region.

Field of Interests

My research interests include the in the fields of Economics of Agriculture and Sustainable Nutrition. I also have expertise in the communication and knowledge management in climate smart farming.

I have thirty years’ research experience in economic progress, nutrition and malnutrition, cognitive development and economic outcomes to the health system of rural community in Asia-pacific region incorporating the role of food production, agricultural markets, value chain development and food environments in providing nutritious food at an affordable price; agriculture and sustainable food systems within the region

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

- Ecofish project (USAID funded project jointly implemented by DoF & WorldFish);
- Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project ( World Bank financed project);
- NATP-II Project ( National Agriculture Technology Project);
- Water Resource excavation and development project;
- Union level fisheries technology transfer project;
- Haor development project;
- Beel nursery and fish fry liberation project;
- Shrimp culture project;
- Community base fisheries management project;
- Crab & Eel culture project ( Including Crab Hatchery development )

Key Publications

– More than 13 Articles published in “Khamer” Magazine ( A monthly magazine on poultry ,livestock & fisheries).
(Website: www.khamarbd.com)

– More than 3-4 Articles published in “National Fish Week Compendium ” , Department of Fisheries, Ministry of
Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh ( www.fisheries .gov.bd)

– Many Articles published in Local and National Magazine

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Abu Sayed Md. Rashedul Haque, "Swopnoneer" Flat no. 8-A, House no. 89, Road no. 11, Block-D, Monsurabad Housing , Adabar, Dhaka-1207.

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Facebook: Mohammad Rashedul

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