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Ph.D(Virginia, USA), PG Dip & MSc. (Reading, UK), BSc Agric (Cey), FSLIAg, VDA certification for Development Practitioners (UNDP, NY). Starting as a lecturer (University of Peradeniya) in 1975, joined the Agrarian Research Training Institute (ARTI) and was Head/Agricultural Resource Management Division and Deputy Director. Joined UNDP in 1992 was Head/ Poverty and Governance units and Policy Consultant. Was a Course Tutor (1984), International Agricultural Center, Netherlands; Visiting Researcher (1981) University of Reading U.K. Editor of several scientific journals, and has over 100 scientific communications.

Field of Interests

My research career at ARTI covered areas such as, Farming Systems & Environmental impacts, Agriculture energy and Farm mechanization, Rural Institutions, Marketing and International trade, Efficiency Studies and Public Finance. Most of the work was done in collaboration with International agencies/Universities such as, Universities of Cambridge and Reading, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), FAO, ILO World Bank and IWMI. While at UNDP (21 years), my work included project development/implementation/evaluation, and policy formulation and covered areas of Agriculture, Environment, Tourism, Poverty, Governance, MDG’s including Human Development Reports, Transition from Conflict to Normalcy and Results Based Management (RBM).

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

  • Mechanization and Agricultural Transformation: South-South Learning and Knowledge Exchange: Sponsored by IFPRI/CIMMYT. Final Output: “An Evolving Paradigm of Agriculture Mechanization Development”, published by IFPRI, Washington D.C. 2020. (http://ebrary.ifpri.org/…/id/134095/filename/134306.pdf).
  • Consultant to CARP as a member of the Review team to review Research activities of Sugar Research Institute ((2019), and Sri Lanka Cashew Cooperation (2020)
  • Consultant, World Bank. To prepare the Operational Manual for the Agricultural Modernization Project, April-May 2018.
  • National Consultant on Agriculture and Primary Industries, Development of Policies, FAO. Jan-April 2018
  • Consultant for developing the “ National Agricultural Research Policy: 2018-2017”, CARP 2017

Key Publications

  • Abeyratne, Fredrick, (2018). Demand and Supply factors affecting the present needs for mechanization in the other field crop sector in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural economics, Volume 19 (1)
  • Mayadunne A.G, C. Bogahawatta, Fredrick Abeyratne 1999). Area Supply Response to Other Field Crops with Uncertain Prices and yields: The Case of Chilli: Tropical Agriculture Research. Vol 11
  • Abeygunawardana P. Abeyratne Fredrick, Fernando M.T.N (1994/95). Economics of soil moisture coservation in coconut Lands using Coconut Husks and Coir Dust. Cocos, Vol, 10, pp 35-47.
  • Abeyratne Fredrick, Neville Edirisinghe, G. Somaratne, P. Wickramarachchi (1993). Rice Self-Sufficiency and the Issue of Protection. Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural Economics. Vol 1(1),
  • Abeyratne Fredrick. (1991) Food Aid and Its Impact on Pricing policies for Rice in Sri Lanka” Sri Lankan. Journal of Agriculture Sciences. Vo; 28
  • Abeyratne Fredrick, Mesfin Bezuneh, and Brady Deaton 1989. Food Aid Pricing Policis in Kenya. Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American agricultural Economics Association. Louisiana State University, USA, 1989. Selected Paper, American Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol 71(5)
  • Moore, Mick, John Farrington, and Fredrick Abeyratne (1983).Space and the Generation of Socio Economic Inequality on Sri Lanka’s Irrigation Schemes. Marga Journal vol 7 (1)
  • Farrington, John., Fredrick Abeyratne, and Mike Ryan (1980). Draught Power for Small Farmers A Critique of Planning Methodologies in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Agrarian Studies. Vol 1(2) Books and monographs: Farringtion J & Abeyratne F. Farm Power in Sri Lanka, University of Reading UK, 1982
  • Farrington, John., and Fredrick Abeyratne. “Farm Power and Water use in the Dry Zone. Part 2.” Research study 52. ARTI, Colombo. 1983.
  • Farrington, John., Fredrick Abeyratne., Mike Ryan., and S R. Bandara. “Farm Power in the Dry Zone. Part 1.” Research Study 43. ARTI. Colombo. 1981. Book chapters and articles within proceedings:
  • Abeyratne, Fredrick. The evolution of Agricultural mechanization in Sri Lanka, in : Diao X, Takashima H, zhang X (ed) An evolving paradigm of agricultural mechanization development, IFPRI, Washington D.C., 2020
  • Farrington, John., Abeyratne Fand Gerard J. Gill. (Ed) “Farm Power and Employment in Asia.” Agricultural Development Council, Bangkok, Thailand, 1984.

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141, Kawdana Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka

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