Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

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Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources


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Dr. Ashraf basically an Agricultural Engineer. He is graduated from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in Agri. Engg. and earned his PhD from University of Newcastle, UK in Water Resources Management. He has more than 27 years of research experience in water resources development and management in arid and semi-arid areas and has over 100 national and international research publications to his credit. During his professional career, he worked for the integrated management of water resources, particularly surface and groundwater resources of the irrigated and dry areas, climate change impact on water resources. Currently, he is working as Chairman, Pakistan

Field of Interests

His research interests are development of nature-based solutions to manage the surface and groundwater sustainability, integrated water resource management, water productivity improvement etc.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

Currently a number of research projects are being implemented on watershed management, groundwater management and better governance, water quality monitoring, seawater intrusion, management of non-conventional water resources etc.

Key Publications

Rasheed H., N. Iqbal, M. Ashraf, Faizan ul Hasan (2022). Groundwater quality and availability assessment: A case study of District Jhelum in the Upper Indus, Pakistan. Environmental Advances 7: 1-10.

Aziz, M.; Rizvi, S.A.; Iqbal, M.A.; Syed, S.; Ashraf, M.; Anwer, S.; Usman, M.; Tahir, N.; Khan, A.; Asghar, S.; et al. A Sustainable Irrigation System for Small Landholdings of Rainfed Punjab, Pakistan. Sustainability 2021, 13, 11178. https://doi.org/10.3390/ su132011178

Ashraf M., B. Fatima, Faizan ul Hasan, A.Z. Bhatti, M. Arslan (2021). Effectiveness of Sodium Bentonite Clay for Reducing Seepage from Earthen Rainwater Harvesting Ponds. International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources, 28(3): 1-10.

Faizan ul Hasan, B. Fatima, M. Ashraf (2021). Challenges to Irrigated Crop Zones of Punjab and Sindh Provinces in the Wake of Climate Variability. International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources, 27(2): 1-10.

Ashraf M., M. I. Rao, H.A. Salam, A.Z. Bhatti (2018). Determining Water Requirements of Major Crops in the Lower Indus Basin of Pakistan Using Drainage-Type Lysimeters, Pak J. Agri. Sciences, 55(4): 971-976

Hossain, F., N. Biswas, M. Ashraf, and A. Z. Bhatti (2017), Growing more with less using cell phones and satellite data, Eos, 98, https://doi.org/10.1029/2017EO075143. Published on 21 June 2017. Ashraf M., A. Majeed, M. Saeed (2016). Impact evaluation of a karez-irrigation scheme in Balochistan-Pakistan. Pak J. Agri. Sciences, 55(3): 661-671

Mahmood, A., T. Oweisb, M. Ashraf, A. Majid, M. Aftab, N.K. Aadala, and I. Ahmad (2015). Performance of improved practices in farmers’ fields under rainfed and supplemental irrigation systems in a semi-arid area of Pakistan. Agricultural Water Management, 155, 2015: 1-10.

Ashraf M., M.K. Marri, I. Rao, A. Salam, M.A. Khan (2014). Pancho-irrigation system – a wasteful practice of irrigation rice fields in the Lower Indus Basin of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 51 (4): 867-873.

Ashraf M, Z.A. Bhatti, Zakaullah (2012). Diagnostic analysis and fine tuning of skimming well design and operational strategies for sustainable groundwater management – Indus basin of Pakistan. International Journal of Irrigation and Drainage, 61: 270-282. doi: 10.1002/ird.636.

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