Dr. Shahid Ahmed

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National Coordinator

Pakistan Agriculture Research Council


Brief Biography

I have leading role as Director (Plant Protection/Plant Sciences) in Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Pakistan in South Asia. The significant experiences that is most significantly related to this current position are project planning, formulation and appraisal on agriculture for sustainable development to achieve the SDG’s in Pakistan. Also initiating the memorandum of understanding (MoU’s) development in bilateral agreements in between the regional countries and intercontinental for generating funds, loan agreements and other financial resources establishment. They includes the climate policies and environmental management for agriculture development.


Field of Interests

Project Planning,appraisal,formulation of Agriculture policy programmes and contribution of PARC strategic framework and supports the UNDG’s 2030. Liaison international and national organizations in support of mutual cooperation in research and development in multiple fields within Asian regional partner countries, and intercontinental partners in innovative research cooperation. Leads, implements and reports council’s management attentions to future risks patterns on food security. Organizing the national symposiums, conferences and workshops on community development. The major work related to strategic partnerships and advocacy, Coordination and collaboration, Management of Sciences Divisions offices network in Pakistan, Establishing the Governing Body relationship, Strategic planning and management.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

“Studies on Biotic Stresses Impact on Fruit Plant of Family Rosaceae (Apple, Pear, Loquat, Apricot, Peach, Plumes, Cherries, and Almond) and their integrated Management in Pakistan . ALP Secretariat, PARC (CS063)”.Preliminary studies on surveillance, monitoring and management of Potato cyst nematode PCN and establishing PCN free zones to agribusiness export restoration in Pakistan.

Key Publications

Potato agriculture research Station Batakundi, naran, a hot spot for cyst nematode ( Globodera spp. ) of potato in Pakistan.DOI: 10.1051/bioconf/202410004033 POTATO AGRICULTURE RESEARCH STATION BATAKUNDI, NARAN, A HOT SPOT FOR CYST NEMATODE (GLOBODERA SPP.) OF POTATO IN PAKISTAN.Conference: DÖRDÜNCÜ SƏNAYE ĠNQĠLABI DÖVRÜNDƏ ELM VƏ TEXNOLOGĠYALARIN MÖVCUD VƏZĠYYƏTĠ VƏ ĠNKĠġAF PERSPEKTĠVLƏRĠAt: Azərbaycan Texnologiya Universiteti

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National Coordinator Plant Sciences / Plant Protection, PARC HQ G-5/1, Islamabad Pakistan. 44000

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