Dr. Sommarat Chantarat

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Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research, Bank of Thailand


Brief Biography

Dr. Chantarat is a Development Economist. Her research combines applied theory with micro-econometrics and original field survey and experiments to understand economic development issues related to household finance, rural financial markets, development policies and how they interplay with poverty and welfare dynamics. Her current works involve designing and evaluating impacts of innovative financial products and social safety net programs in developing economies of Asia and Africa. Dr. Chantarat had worked with the World Bank and was a lecturer at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University. She holds PhD in Economics from Cornell University, USA.

Field of Interests

Development economics, development and household finance, agricultural economics, field experiments, policy impact evaluation.

Fields of Expertise

Key Publications

Chantarat, S., A. Lamsam, K. Samphantharak and B. Tangsawasdirat (2020). Household Debt over the Life Cycle, Asian Development Review 37(1): 61-92. Raschky, P. and S. Chantarat (2020). Natural Disaster Risk Financing and Transfer in ASEAN Countries. Oxford Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards Governance. Muthitacharoen A., K. Samphantarak and S. Chantarat (2019). Fiscal Stimulus and Household Debt: Evidence from Thailand’s First-Car Buyer Tax Rebate. International Tax and Public Finance 26: 1383-1415. Chantarat S., S. Oum, K. Samphantharak and V. Sann (2019). Natural Disasters, Preferences and Behaviors: Evidence from the 2011 Mega Flood in Cambodia. Journal of Asian Economics 63: 44-74. Chantarat S., C.B. Barrett, A.G. Mude and C.G. Turvey (2017), Welfare Impacts of Asset Insurance in the Presence of a Poverty Trap, World Development 94: 119-138. Vrieling A., M. Meroni, A.G. Mude, S. Chantarat, C.C. Ummenhofer and K. de Bie (2016). Early assessment of seasonal forage availability for mitigating the impact of drought on East African pastoralists, Remote Sensing of Environment. Chantarat S., A.G. Mude, C.B. Barrett and M.R. Carter (2013), Designing Index Based Livestock Insurance for Managing Asset Risk in Northern Kenya, Journal of Risk and Insurance 80 (1): 205-237. Chantarat S. and C.B. Barrett (2012), Social Network Capital, Economic Mobility and Poverty Traps, Journal of Economic Inequality 10 (3): 299-342. Chantarat S., C.B. Barrett, T. Janvilisri, S. Mudsri, C. Niratisayakul and P. Poonswad (2011), Index Insurance for Pro-poor Conservation of Hornbills in Thailand, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108 (34): 13951-56. McPeak J.G., S. Chantarat and A.G. Mude (2010), Explaining Index Based Livestock Insurance to Pastoralists, Agricultural Finance Review 70 (3): 333-52. Lybbert T., F. Galarza, J.G. McPeak, C.B. Barrett, S. Boucher, M.R. Carter, S. Chantarat, A. Fadlaoui and A.G. Mude (2010), Dynamic Field Experiments in Development Economics: Risk Valuation in Morocco, Kenya and Peru, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 39 (2): 1-17. Chantarat S., C.G. Turvey, A.G. Mude and C.B. Barrett (2008), Improving Humanitarian Response to Slow-Onset Disasters Using Famine-Indexed Weather Derivatives, Agricultural Finance Review 68 (1): 169-95. Chantarat S., C.B. Barrett, A.G. Mude and C.G. Turvey (2007), Using Weather Index Insurance to Improve Drought Response for Famine Prevention, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89 (5): 1262-68.

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Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research Bank of Thailand 273 Samsen Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

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+662 283-7717

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