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National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), Hyderabad, India.


Brief Biography

Born in India (1962) and did Master’s degree in Marine sciences- Marine Biology with Doctoral Degree in Marine Living Resources. Having worked in association with FAO, UNDP, DFID funded projects of Agri and allied sectors in specific fisheries development, the experience made him to contribute 38 years on training and research in implementation and project management of different govt programmes which involve more than 30 projects for evaluation. Recognized by this long association and experience, he became member in different national level high power committees for development of strategies for Monitoring and Evaluation systems.

Field of Interests

Interested in taking up training and research projects with application of tools and techniques for systematic planning, monitoring and evaluation which include formulating results (outputs-outcomes-impacts) and appropriate development indicators. These tools are – application of Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) based formulation for project planning, Results Based Management (RBM) and Theory of Change (ToC) based designing for monitoring & evaluation and impact assessment in order to guide on project mode implementation of rural development programmes / projects. Capacity building of rural development practitioners on project management is the subject of interest for organizing programmes for the group of participants of different time zones / countries as intended through offline and online modes.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

1. Evaluation on Performance of Agriculture Technology Management Agencies (ATMA) activities in Andhra Pradesh State during (2013) 2. Case study on Role of credit from SHGs in Marine Fishing Communities in Srikakulam Dist of Andhra Pradesh State (2015) 3. Impact of Training on Development of Fish Farming in Assam state (2016) 4. Midterm evaluation of projects under Mahila Kisan Swasektikaran Pariyojana (MKSP) – a programme for capacity building and entrepreneurship of women farmers (2017) 5. An in-depth study on performance of Mission Antyodaya Gram Panchayat (MAGPs) – a quick assessment study on process and progress in 1st phase of villages (2018) 6. Evaluation of Deena Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kousal Yojana (DDU-GKY) – a skill development and placement programme of rural youth (2018) 7. Impact assessment of Special Central Assistance to Schedule Caste Sub Plan – a programme of special assistance provided to socially deprived sections (2019) 8. Second Phase of Study on performance of Mission Antyodaya Gram Panchayat (MAGPs) (2019) 9. Evaluation of Unnat Bhart Abhiyan – a scheme involving Higher education Institutes for the development of Rural Areas (2020) 10. Developing Performance grading system for State Institutes of rural Developments (SIRDs) (2021)

Key Publications

Journal articles / periodicals:
1. Venkata Raju G, Myla S Chakravarty, Ganesh PRC (2010). Traditional Marine Fish Catches in Andhra Pradesh National. Fishing Chimes. Vol 29, No.10 ISSN 0971-4529
2. Myla S. Chakravarty, G. Venkata Raju, G. and P. R. C. Ganesh (2010) Catch composition of non-motorised and motorised traditional fishing crafts in Andhra Indian J. Fish., 57(2) : 95-98, ISSN 0970-6011 2010
3. G. Venkata Raju and P. Ram Mohan Rao (2013) Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge for Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture. ISBN No: 978-81-85542-96-6

4. G V Raju (2015). Credit Requirements of Marine Fishing Communities – Role of Self Help Groups in India. Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development (CIRDAP) Vol: XXV (2), ISSN No: 1018-5291

5. Myla S. Chakravarty, Venkata Raju. G and P. R. C. Ganesh (2016). Impact of motorisation of fishing craft on socio-economic status of the traditional fisherman of Andhra Pradesh Coast. Journal of Fisheries Economics and Development; Vol. XVII & XVIII (1 & 2) ISSN 2249-1074

6. Myla S Chakravarty, Venkata Raju G, PRC Ganesh (2016) Sea Safety on Traditional Fishing Crafts along Andhra Pradesh Coast International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2016; 4(3): 209-214, ISSN 2347-5129 2016

7. Venkata Raju G, Myla S Chakravarty, Ganesh PRC (2017) International Journal of Advanced Science and Research, Volume 2; Issue 5; September 2017; Page No. 128-134 ISSN: 2455-4227

8. G V Raju (2017). Impact of Training Knowledge: A case Study on Practice of Fish Farming Interventions Designed for Agro-climatic Conditions of Assam State, India. African Asian Journal of Rural Development (AARDO). Vol. XXXXX, No.2, p 74 to 94. ISSN 0972-3021

Books and monographs:
1. G Venkata Raju (2007). 10 booklets on fisheries activities for neo-literates published by State Resource Centre for Adult and Continuing Education (SPACE)

2. G Venkata Raju (2007). 2 volumes of premier for Costal fishermen community published by State Resource Centre for Adult and Continuing Education (SPACE)

3. G Venkata Raju (2010). A book on Marketing Strategies for Traditional Fishery Products in India. Published by NIRDPR. ISSN 0970-3357

4. G Venkata Raju (2011). A book on Fisheries Development in Watershed Areas published by AMR-AP Academy of Rural Development

5. G V Raju (2013). E-Learning material for self-learning on Fresh Water Fisheries and Fish Farming in India published by NIRDPR.

Book chapters and articles within proceedings:
1. G Venkata Raju (2001). Status of Fisheries Management in Andhra Pradesh. Technical papers of the National workshop on Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) at goa, India organise by FAO of UN. Published by Fishery Survey of India. Page 51 – 68. ISBN 81-901209-2-1
2. G Venkata Raju (2005) one of the collaborators. A Guide to Fisheries Stock Assessment using the FMSP Tools Department of International Development – DFID, Marine Resources Assessment Group – MRAG, London, Centre for Environment Education-CEE, Ahmadabad,- ISBN 81-86385-99-1

3. G Venkata Raju (2005) one of the collaborators. How to Manage A Fishery – Department of International Development – DFID, Marine Resources Assessment Group – MRAG, London, Centre for Environment Education – CEE, Ahmadabad ISBN 81-86385-98-3

4. G. Venkata Raju and S. Rajakutty (2008). Technology Initiatives for Community Based Management of Inland Fisheries For Livelihoods. Published by Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action (MGNRISA)

5. G Venkata Raju (2009). Sustainable Technologies in Fisheries Sector – a chapter in Distance Education course material for Sustainable Rural Technologies published by NIRDPR.

6. G Venkata Raju (2013). NIRD&PR Trainers Module Women Political Leadership and Livelihoods – Fisheries Livelihoods ISBN 81-85542- 98-8

Postal Address

Prof G V Raju, Professor & Head, Center for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, National institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Rajendra nagar, Hyderabad, India – 500 030.

Phone Number

Mobile: +91 9848992624

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