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Post Doctoral Fellow

International Institute for Population Sciences


Brief Biography

He completed Post–Doctoral Fellow programme from Department of Mathematical Demography and Statistics, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai in 2020. He completed Ph.D in Economics with ICSSR institutional doctoral fellowship through Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad and School of International Relations and Politics (SIRP), Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala in 2017. He received M.Phil from Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum, Kerala in 2006.

Field of Interests

He worked as a Junior Research Officer (JRO) and also Research Associate (RA) at the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, an autonomous research and training institute under the Union Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. His areas of interest include economics of land degradation, human health effects of land degradation, land ethics and problems of marginalised communities. He has published 25 research papers, including two monographs and chapters in edited books. His current interest is in applying large data sets, such as NFHS and DHS for studying the association of environmental degradation and health outcomes with special reference to marginalized communities in India

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

1. Impoverished Beggary in India: A Study of Telengana State, 2018.
2. Performance of Mission Antyodaya Gram Panchayats: A Quick Mid-term Assessment Study to track the progress (Kerala), 2018.
3. An Evaluation of Sansad Adarsh Grameen Yojna in Kerala, 2017.
4. No Representation without Taxation: A Study of Panchayati Raj Financing and Accountability, 2016-17.
5. Convergence and Best Practices in Kerala, 2012.
6. MGNREGS and Rural Migration in Madhya Pradesh, 2011
7. MGNREGS and Rural Migration in Rajasthan, 2010.
8. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and the Agrarian Economy of India: A Study with Special reference to Kerala, 2010.
9. Committee for Inquiry into the Service Conditions and Pay Scales of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs in the Recognised Unaided Schools in Kerala (Appointed by the Government of Kerala), 2007-2008.
10. Agrarian distress and livelihood strategies: A study in Pulpalli Panchayat, Wayanad, Kerala, 2004

Key Publications

  1. Land Degradation in Kerala: It’s Past, Present and Future” (Chapter 10) in Anju Lis Kurian and C. Vinodan (eds.) Kerala: Past, Present and Future Perspectives, NOVA Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-53618-710-6 New York, USA, 2020.
  2. “An Assessment of MGNREGS in Attappady Tribal Block in Palakkad District, Kerala” in K.P. Kumaran, P.K. Nath, K. Prabhakar and N. Kalpalatha (eds.), Flagship Programmes: Impact, Problems and Challenges Ahead, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, ISBN 9789332703711, (Co-authored with Dr. V. Mathew Kurian), 2017.
  3. Factors associated with anemia among women and children belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in degraded districts of India” Indian Development Policy Review, Vo1.No.1,2020, pp.57-80 (Forthcoming)
  4. “Right to Fishing: A Need of 21st Century”, Anvesak, Vol. 46 No.2, pp.61-68, July-December, 2016. ISSN 0378-4568. (UGC Listed).
  5. “Theory and Practical Implication of Land Degradation and Livelihood: Case of Attappady Region in Kerala State of India”, Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development, Vol.XXVI, No.1, p.85-104, 2016.
  6. “A Tragedy unfolding: Tribal Children Dying in Attappady”, web exclusives, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.XLIX No.2, January 11, www.epw.in/web-exclusives-tragedy-unfloding-tribal-children-dying-attappady.html, 2014.
  7. “Impact of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS on Poverty-trap: A Theoretical Analysis” (co-authored with Dr. Franco T Francis), The Journal of Rural Development, Vol.38, No.2, July, Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development, pp.27-44, 2013.
  8. “Corporate Rural Responsibility to Help MGNREGS for Ensuring Climate Security”, Political Economy Journal of India, Vol.22, No.2, pp.85-88. July-December, 2013.
  9. “Gender Dimension in Decentralized Planning: The Experience of Kerala” (co-authored with Dr. V. Mathew Kurian), Journal of Parliamentary Studies, Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Trivandrum, Kerala, Vol.5 Issue 2, July-December, p.109-114, ISSN 2231-0355, 2013.

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Dr Manikandan A.D Alungal House Thambankadavu, Thalikulam Thrissur, Kerala, India 680569

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