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University of Helsinki, Finland


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I was born in Bangladesh and a citizen of Finland. I received Doctor of Social Sciences (public management and human resource development) from the University of Helsinki in April 1990.

Over 30 years’ general experience of which over 20 years in Development Cooperation, managed large and complex development programmes initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Finance, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (FINNIDA), Government of Kuwait, UNDP, World Bank, and the European Union in Finland, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Namibia, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, China, and Myanmar.

I have inherited Asian culture and thus understand the dynamics the way of thinking and cultural mechanism. At the same time, brought up in European culture and understands the strength of rightfulness, straightforward, meaningfulness and focus directives. To be on both sides at the same time gives me a unique skill and advantage to discuss any issue, take forward any plan, and implement the right approach for any development initiatives.

Field of Interests

My research interests are in the fields of administrative reforms, rural development, and human resources management. Also interested in long-term relation-building and common understanding on issues of importance and mutual interest. I am experienced in promoting development policies in country specific priority areas through fostering dialogues and partnerships. I have notable experience in leadership building, problem-solving skills, organisation of exchange programmes, internships, promotion of large-scale events, forums, seminars, conference, and training programmes. Long experience in working with policymakers, government officials, academia, civil society, local experts, and international partners in strategic knowledge management, development cooperation, visibility, and exploring communication outreach.

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Key Publications

1. Manzoor Alam, ‘Talent Management in the selected EU Countries: Some comparative analysis’ Chinese edition (2016), China Academy of Personnel Sciences, Beijing, People’s Republic of China. ISBN 978-7-5099-0665-1

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Marjaniementie 32 00930 Helsinki Finland

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+358 500772537

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