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Bangladesh Agricultural University

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Currently serving as Professor Department of Agribusiness and Marketing at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. More than eighteen years of teaching and research experience in Value chain, business model development and agribusiness. Working as a consultant (short term) value chain component of BARI and New Vision Solution implementing project jackfruit value chain funded by KGF. Working with PKSF funded project of common services activities, technological and environmental interventions requirement for fruits sub-sector project as value chain expert. Worked with Katalyst as business consultant of academic curricula improvement project funded by Swisscontact. Worked with Consiglieri private Limited as value chain expert.

Field of Interests

Agribusiness, Value Chain, Rural development and policy analysis are the main research areas that like to work more. Expertise in project proposal and completed project evaluation of NATP and KGF funded projects. Have ability to perform project analysis of agricultural and rural development projects. Have experience in designing, planning and conducting socioeconomic surveys in rural areas of Bangladesh and Asia.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

  • i) Principal Investigator: Impacts of haor agriculture on farmers’ livelihood and rural markets development in Netrokon district of Bangladesh. Funded by BAURES. On going.
  • ii) Impact of Covid 19 one fresh vegetables marketing in Bangladesh, Funded by BAURES. On going.
  • iii) Cost benefit analysis of ethical community engagement in Bangladesh. Funded by ACIAR.
  • iv) Promoting socially inclusive and sustainable agriculture intensification in West Bangal and Bangladesh. Funded by ACIAR. On going.

Key Publications

  • Hossain, M.I. and M.A. Akbar. 2008. Impact of Private Broiler Farming on Rural Employment and Income Generation in Kishoreganj District. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 6 (1): 181-188. Hossain, M.I. and W. Verbeke (2008). Farmers and Private Traders Response to Rice Markets Liberalization in Bangladesh.Journal of International Logistics and Trade, 6 (1): 1-21.
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  • Abdullah Al-Amin, A.K.M., M. S. Rahman and M.I. Hossain (2016).Impact of Land fragmentation and Soil Fertility on Aus Rice Producers’ Technical Efficiency in Barisal District of Bangladesh.Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 14(1): 75-81.
  • Noor, T., M. Begum, M.R. Ahmed and M.I. Hossain (2017). Consumer Preference and Acceptance of Branded Spice Powder in SadarUpazila of Mymensingh District in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics and Sociology, 19(4): 1-13.
  • Ashfaq, A.K.M., D.C. Acharjee, S.M.H., Shawon, M.I. Hossain (2017). Financial Profitability of Vermicompost in FulbariaUpazila of Mymensingh District. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, 10(10): 57-61.
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  • Begum, M.E.A., M.A.M. Miah, M.A. Rashid and M.I. Hossain (2019). Factors affecting the technical efficiency of turmeric farmers in the slash and burn areas of Bangladesh. Agroforestry Systems, 
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  • Hossain, M.I., A.B.M.Mahfuzul Haque, M.M. Hossain, M.M. Dey (forthcoming). Analysis of price transmission along the aquaculture value chain: an application of major fish species in Bangladesh. The World Journal of Aquaculture Society.
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  • Begum, M.E.A., M.A.M. Miah, M.A. Matin, F. Easmin and M.I. Hossain (2020). Socioeconomic determinants of BARI mustard-14 adoption at farm level in selected areas of Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 18(1):180-188.

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Professor Department of Agribusiness and Marketing Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh

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