Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

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Chief Executive Officer

Asian Institute of Eco-Civilization Research and Development

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I am political economist with strong background in policy research, economic forecasting, agriculture economic and global diplomacy and changing dynamics of global governance. I have deep understanding of climate change, environmental problems, China, Belt&Route Imitative (BRI), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), AIIB, & SCO. I also works on Eurasia, Central Asia, GCC, governance, digital diplomacy, IFIs, Non-human Security Threats and Leadership with Imagination. My publications are being used as reference material in top notch universities like Princeton, USA, British Columbia, Canada, National Defence, Pakistan and others. Publications can also be found at UN websites including UNESCAP, UNFCCC, UNDP etc.

Field of Interests

Political economy, agriculture development, technology, AI, global diplomacy, markets and value chains, climate change, environment etc.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

1. Global Development Initiative of China 2. Understanding China for Future Cooperation 3.Afghanistan-Pakistan-China youth network 4. Eco-Civilisation 5. Agriculture cooperation between China and Pakistan

Key Publications

Author of Books:

  1. Understanding China for Future Cooperation, China in New Era: Community with Shared Future. Pakistan Economic Agenda 2047,
  2. Eco-civilization Chinese Vision of Prosperity,
  3. Diplomacy through Shared Prosperity,
  4. Governance and Development Model of China,
  5. Human-Non-human Security Threats and Relevance of Leadership with Imagination,
  6. 21st Century Global Order: Factors Behind Change
  7. Eco-Civilization and China Pakistan Economic Corridor,
  8. China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  9. Changing Dynamics of Global Power Structure and Policy Options for Pakistan,
  10. Policy Discourse Analysis-Pakistan
  11. Policy Review of National Internal Security Policy,
  12. Institutional Arrangements for Climate Change in Pakistan,
  13. Climate Change and National Security,
  14. A Profile of Pakistan’s Development Status and Green Economy in Pakistan
  15. Climate Change and National Security
  16. National Economic and Environment Development Study,
  17. A Review of National Action Plan,
  18. National Security Policy: Where We Stand? A review of NISP
  19. South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) And Implications For Pakistan,
  20. State of Food Security in Pakistan and Policy Options,
  21. Effects of Unemployment Rural Youth On Rural Development,
  22. Co-author of “Technical Paper for UNDP on Agriculture, Livestock, Food Security and Development.”
  23. Green Growth and Technological Innovation: A case for South Asian countries,
  24. Co-author of working paper on “Food Security: Where we are (current status) and where we want to go (Way forward)”, for Parliament of Pakistan:
  25. Climate Change Negotiations: Civil Society Perspective,
  26. Contributing Author of Climate Change in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas The State of Current Knowledge
  27. Basic Statistics of Sample Survey Data,
  28. Structural Imbalances in Global Governance System,
  29. Punjab Economic Report, 2007,
  30. Policy And Institutional Mapping , For Small-Scale Producers’ Participation In , Dynamic Markets In Pakistan
  31. Chapters Chapter 5 State of Agriculture and Food Security in Pakistan PP. 106-136 Chapter 9 Food Security in Afghanistan pp. 206-223 Both published in “Policy Options to Achieve Food Security in South Asia” by Cambridge University Press. Chapter 7 China-Pakistan Trade & Investment Relations PP. 136

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