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Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)


Brief Biography

Mr. Pongpat Boonchuwong was born on February 23, 1954 in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand. After graduation, he has been employed under the position of economist by Department of Fisheries (DOF). He served in position of Senior Expert (Fisheries Economic) in 2008 until retried in 2014. He continued with his position of Advisor in DOF until 2019 and Mentor in Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) until 2018. He has experiences both research and lecture in universities. Other experiences are Thai-DOF representative to INFOFISH Governing Council Meeting, and OECD- Fisheries Committee Meeting in Paris, during 2007 – 2013, FAO Consultant for Aquaculture Value Chain Development in Sri Lanka, during November-December 2015.

Field of Interests

  • Economic and Socioeconomic
  • Value Chain and marketing
  • Resource Management

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

2.FAO Consultant: Strategy for Aquaculture Value Chain Development in Sri Lanka, during November-December 2015.

Key Publications

1).Boonchuwong, P. 1994. Option for Coastal Resource Management: A Case Study on Small Scale Fisheries and Shrimp Cultivation in Pak Phanang Bay, Southern Thailand. pl.240-379. Proceeding of the IPFC Symposium held in conjunction with the Twenty-fourth Session of IPFC Bangkok, Thailand, 23-26 November 1993. RAPA Publication 1994/8, 442pp.

2).Boonchuwong, P. 1998. Socio-economic conditions of Small-Scale Fishing Community-based Fisheries Management in Phang-Nge Bay. pl.136-152. Proceeding of the Nation Workshop on Community-based Fisheries Management, Phuket, Thailand, 14-16 February 1996. RAPA Publication 1998/3, 227 pp.

3).Boonchuwongse, P. and W.Dechboon. 2003. Socioeconomic assessment of marine fisheries of Thailand. p.577-628. In G.Silvestre, L.Grces, I.Stobutzki, M.Ahmed, R.A. Valmonte-Santos, C.Luna, L.achica-Alino, P.Munro, V.Christensen and D.Pauly (eds.) Assessment, Management and Future Direction for Coastal Fisheries in Asian Countries. WorldFish Center Conference Proceedings 67, 1120p.

4).Willmann, R., P. Boonchuwong and S. Piumsombun . 2003. Fisheries Management Costs in Thai Marine Fisheries. In, Schrank, William E., Ragnar Arnason, and Rognvaldur Hannesson (eds.) “The Cost of Fisheries Management” Ashgate Publishing Limited, pp.187-217.

5).Veeravaitaya, N., P.Boonchuwong, C.Karnjanakesorn and S.Inghtamjitr. 2005. The Legal and Institutional Basis for Wetlands Governance in Thailand and the Economic Value of Wetlands in Surin and Buri Ram provinces, northeast Thailand. Pl.21-24. In Wetlands Governance in the Mekong Region: Country Report on the Legal-Institutional Framework and Economic Valuation of Aquatic Resources. WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia.233pp.

6).Boonchuwong, P., Boonchuwong, K. and Noorit, K. 2007. Economics of aquaculture feeding practices: Thailand. In M.R. Hasan (ed.). Economics of aquaculture feeding practices in selected Asian countries. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 505. Rome, FAO. 2007. pp. 159–181.

7). Ahmed, M., P.Boonchuwong, W.Dechboon, and D.Squires. 2007. Overfishing in the Gulf of Thailand: Policy Challenges and Bioeconomic Analysis. In Environmental and Development Economic, Volume 12, Issue 01, February 2007, pp 145-172, doi:10.1017/S1355770X06003421, Published Online by Cambridge University Press 29 Jan 2007.

8). Boonchuwong, P. 2007. Adapting Japanese Communitity-based Fisheries Resources Management Practices to Thai Fisheries Observations and Suggestions by Participants. In Chapter3 Training Project for Promotion of Community-based Fishery Resource Management by Coastal Small-scale Fisheries in Thailand, Report of Phase Two (15-29 September 2007), International Cooperative Fisheries Organization of the International cooperative Alliance & The Cooperative League of Thailand. 88p.

9). Boonchuwong, P. and A.Nissapa. 2008. Economic Impacts of Genetically Improved Thai Silver Bard Strain in Thailand. p.51-60. In Thai Fisheries Gazette, Volume 61, No.1, January-February 2008.

10).Boonchuwongse, P. and P.Casal. 2008. Technology Policies for Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture in Southeast Asia. p.107-126. In R.M.Briones and A.G.Garcia (eds.) Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Fisheries : Emerging Policy and Governance Issues in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian Regional Center Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA), 276 p.

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129 Moo 1, Doi Kraw Sub-District, Chomthong District, Chiang Mai Province 50160, THAILAMD

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+66 0 850706484

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