Professor Muhammad Irfan Khan

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Professor of Environmental Science and Dean, Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

International Islamic University, Islamabad-Pakistan

Brief Biography

Prof. Khan received PhD degree of London University (1994) and Diploma of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London (1995) in Environmental Science. He was a post-doctoral fellow of Royal Society’s Exhibition of 1851 Trust at University of Oxford (1996). He has over 35 years of experience in higher education concurrent with providing consultancy to corporate and development sectors. He served as international consultant to World Bank, UNFAO, UNEP and ADB in various countries. Currently, he is serving as Professor of Environmental Science and Dean of the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Field of Interests

My areas of research interests are Environmental Assessment and Management; Environmental Governance, Environmental Security and Sustainable Development. My recent research projects are climate compatible development and renewable energy development. I have over thirty years’ experience of developing and conducting trainings in the field of Environmental Science and sustainable development in the country and abroad. In addition, I provided consultancy for development of management systems for quality, environment, occupational safety, food safety, energy and water for ISO certification.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

  1. Improving urban environmental performance using industrial ecological framework
  2. Relationship of development with environmental security in national and regional context: the case of environmental diplomacy for Pakistan.
  3. Analysis of governance for Climate compatible development in Pakistan 4. Strategic environmental assessment of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Plan (2017-2030)
  4. Vulnerability of arid agriculture to climate change: assessment of farmers’ adaptation strategies
  5. Climatic and socio-economic determinants of food security in Balochistan, Pakistan

Key Publications

Journals Articles

  1. Amir, S., Saqib, Z., Khan. M.I., Khan, M.A., Bokhari, S.A., Rai, M.Z. and Majid, A. (2020) Farmers’ perceptions and adaptation practices to climate change in rain-fed area: A case study from district Chakwal, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 57(2): 295-305. Pakistan. ISSN 2076-0906, 0552-9034.
  2. Hassan, M., Afridi, M. K., & Khan, M. I. (2019). Water security and environmental security in national and regional context: Envisioning environmental diplomacy for cooperation. Water Policy, 21(6): 1139-1161, UK and USA. (W), ISSN 1366-7017
  3. Hassan, M., Afridi, M. K., & Khan, M. I. (2019). Energy in environmental security and development paradigm: a multi-criteria analysis of energy policies of Pakistan. International Journal of Green Energy, 16(7): 510-519 USA. (X), ISSN 1543-5075, 1543-5083
  4. Hassan, M., Khan, M.I. and Afridi, M. A., (2018). An overview of alternative and renewable energy governance, barriers, and opportunities in Pakistan, Energy and Environment, 29(2):184-203. USA and England. ISSN 0958-305X, 2048-4070.
  5. Iqbal, K.M.J. and Khan, M.I. (2018). Climate Governance: implementing water sector adaptation strategies in Pakistan. Policy Perspectives, 15(3): 139 -155. Pakistan.
  6. Hassan, M. Afridi, M.A. and Khan, M.I., (2017). Environmental diplomacy in South Asia: Considering the environmental security, conflict and development nexus. Geoforum, 82, 127-130. Elsevier Ltd. England. ISSN 0016-7185.

Book Chapters

  1. Hassan M., Khan M.I., Hayat M., Ahmad I. (2022). Environmental security in developing countries. In Asif. M. (Ed) Handbook of Energy and Environmental Security, p.112-142. Academic Publiashing/Elseveir Group, Amsterdam. 1st Ed. pp 510, Paperback ISBN: 9780128240847.
  2. Hassan, M. and Khan, M. I. Mumtaz, M. W. and Mukhtar, H. (2021). Energy and Environmental Security Nexus in Pakistan. In Asif, M. (Ed.) Energy and Environmental Security in Developing Countries, p 147 – 171. Springer International Publishing, USA, pp 699, ISBN 978-3-030-63653-1, eBook ISBN 978-3-030-63654-8, Series ISSN 1613-5113,
  3. Khan, M. I. and Akhtar, N. (2019). Indicators of Circular Economy. In Asian Circular Economy for Tertiary Education, p.109-150. UN Environment, Bangkok, 184 pp.

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