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Associate Professor

National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj


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R Ramesh is an Indian, currently lives in Hyderabad, India. E earned PhD in Rural Drinking Water Supply. He specialises in rural water supply, sanitation, management of solid waste and wastewater. I am Associate Professor in the India’s premier rural development institute, which works under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

Field of Interests

Rural water supply, sanitation, management of solid waste and wastewater, proposal writing – both research proposals as well as action project proposals. I have a flair for academic writing, and teaching rural development concepts and practices.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

Rural Water Supply : A Study of Inclusive Service Delivery Policy of Government of India (completed recently) A Study of Reverse Osmosis Plants in Indian villages (completed recently) Solid Waste Management Practices: A series of case studies (Initiated)

Key Publications

1. Community-based Financing Mechanism for Rural Water Supply in Tamil Nadu, India, APJORD – Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development, Vol.XXVI, July 2016, No.1 ISSN:1018-5291

2. Has Economic Growth Contributed to Human Development in Ethiopia? Journal of Asian and African Studies, (DOI 10.1177/0021909614555348), Sage Publications, November2014

3. Cost of Unaccounted for Water: An Empirical Study in Tamil Nadu – Journal of waste water treatment and analysis – Open Access Journal at www.omiscsonline.org Oct. 2010.

4. Globalization: Contemporary Trends and Events, Global South – Sephis e-magazine Vol.5, No.1, January 2009.

5. When Facilities Become Excessive: An Empirical Study in Tamil Nadu, International Journal of Rural Management, Sage Publications for IRMA, Anand, Vol.4(1&2), 2008: 181–199

6) Rural Sanitation in India: Achievements, Trends and Challenges, NIRD Publications, Hyderabad (Edited: P SivaRam, R Ramesh, Y Gangi Reddy) 2016

7) Integral Rural Development: A Rural Transformation Experiment by Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, Auro-publications & Concept Publishing Company Pvt Ltd. India 2015 (co-authored)

8) Gender in Development: Text and Trends, Lap Lambert Publishing Company, Germany 2012.

9) Community-managed Domestic Water Supply System, VDM Publishing House, Germany 2011

10) Globalization and Rural Development, Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, India, 2011 (Co-authored)

11) Standpoints on Globalisation and Decentralization, Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2008. (Co-authored)

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Dr R Ramesh Associate Professor, CRI NIRDPR, NIRD Campus Rajendranagar, Hyderabad India - 500030

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