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Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

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Ms. Rezoyana Kabir Rasha currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka. She completed her B. Sc. in Agribusiness Management and held the second merit position. She completed her post-graduation in Agricultural Economics from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University in 2013. She is a PM Scholar as She has been awarded the Prime Minister Fellowship of 2018-19 to pursue her higher studies. Recently in 2020, She has been completed her post-graduation in Agricultural Economics from The University of Reading, United Kingdom and achieved distinction. She is a well-known Agricultural Economists in Bangladesh.

Field of Interests

Ms. Rezoyana Kabir Rasha is interested to do conduct extensive research work on issues related to agricultural economics, food security, climate change, climate-smart agriculture, gender and nutrition, rural development, economic development, gender and equity, and production efficiency. She has good research knowledge and experience on qualitative and quantitative research methods. She was trained by the professional member of “World Vegetable Centre” to conduct qualitative research e.g. Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Ethnography and Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). She is experienced in data management and data analysis by using STATA and Gretl.

Fields of Expertise

Current Research Projects

  1. Impact of Improved Aquaculture Technologies on Productivity and Livelihood of Fish Farmers in Bangladesh. (Completed in 2017- Funded by-Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council)

  2. Impact of Environment Friendly Pest Management Technologies on Bitter Gourd Production in Bangladesh. (Completed in 2018 – Funded by- Special Allocation by The Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)

  3. Improved Mung-bean Harvesting and Seed Production System for Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan: Socioeconomic Part. (Completed in 2019- Funded by -Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research)

  4. Comparative Study on Shrimp and Prawn Culture in Southern District of Bangladesh: Impacts and Policy Implications. (Completed in 2019- Funded by -University Grants Commission of Bangladesh)

  5. Efficiency Analysis of Rose Production in Some Selected Areas of Jessore District in Bangladesh (Completed in 2019- Funded by – Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Research System).

Key Publications

1. Rasha, R., K., Rahman, M.,R., Haq, A., S.,M.,A., and Jalil, M.,A., (2019); Productivity and Resource Use Efficiency of Tiger Shrimp Farming in Some Selected Areas of Bagerhat District in Bangladesh; Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development, (APJORD):SAGE; vol 29, no. 1, pp. 7-19.


2. Rahman, M. S., Rasha, R. K., and Sujan, M. D. H., (2019), Integrated Pest Management Practices in Bangladesh: Determinants of Adoption and Farm-level Impacts. IAAE Interconference Symposia on Small-holder Farms in Market Integration-Lessons and Experiences from South and East Asia Conference Proceedings, Nanjing, China, Paper No-4

3. Rasha, R.,K., Liza., H., A., Kazal, M.,M., H., and Rayhan., S., J., (2018); Financial Profitability and Resource Use Efficiency of Boro Rice Production in Some Selected Areas of Mymensingh District in Bangladesh, Research in Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 293-300.


4. Haque, M.R., Rahman, M.R., Huq, A.S.M.A., and Rasha, R. K., (2017); Determinants of Onion Production and their Policy Implications: A Study in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh; J. Bangladesh Soc. Agric. Sci Technol., 14(14):75-80. ISSNlSll-6221.

5. Rasha, R., K., Kazal, M., M., H., and Afroj, M., (2016); Agricultural Credit and Rural Development in Bangladesh: Status, Trend and Problems; 5th Annual Banking Conference Proceedings, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Paper No- 16.

6. Akter, A., Hoque, F., Mukul, A.,Z.,A., Kamal, M.,R., and Rasha, R.,K., (2016); Financial Analysis of Winter Vegetables Production in A Selected Area of Brahmanbaria District in Bangladesh; International Research Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences;Volume-01;Issue 6, P(120-127).


7. Sammy,H.,M., Latif, M.,A., Rahman, M.,R., Dewan,B., and Rasha,R.,K. (2015); Profitability and Household level Efficiency of Aromatic Rice production in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh; International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology; Volume-11; No. 4, April 2015. P (1 – 5); ISSN 1815-1272 (online). Web address and link:

8. Sammy,H.,M., Latif, M.,A., Rahman, M.,R., Sarker,F., and Rasha,R.,K. (2015); Utilization of Foreign Remittances in Rural Area of Bangladesh: Status and Determinants; Asian Journal of Business Studies; Volume-5;No. 2, March 2015. P (1-6); ISSN 2221-8106 (online). Web address and link:

9. Latif, M., A., Sammy, H., M., Rahman, M., R., Rasha, R., K. and Rashid, H., A, (2015); Vegetable and Fruit Production and Marketing: Contribution of Women Farmer in Bangladesh; International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology; Volume-11; No. 2, February 2015. P (6 – 12); ISSN 1815-1272 (online).

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